Ro-minimal: “Global phenomenon”


In the latest print issue of Berlin Quarterly, William Ralston has published a 20,000-word in-depth reportage entitled “Sunrise in Bucharest.”

The UK journalist, William Ralston, had to base himself in Bucharest for five weeks in order to travel deep into the unknown history of the “Ro-minimal” sub-genre that has had and continues to have “a substantial impact on the wider landscape of underground electronic dance music,”.

Over 10 chapters to definitely understand the global phenomenon called rominimal over the whole underground scene

Chapter 1 | December, 1989 & 45 years before
Chapter 2 | The ‘90s: The Birth of Clubbing Culture in Romania
Chapter 3 | The Boys and Their Music. A Community Forms
Chapter 4 | Arpiar: Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh
Chapter 5 | Ricardo Villalobos: A Light Shines In
Chapter 6 | The Minimal Connection – Ibiza – Minimal Arrives in Bucharest
Chapter 7 | Sunwaves: The Next Step
Chapter 8 | Ro-minimal: A Global Fascination
Chapter 9 | The Sunrise Experience

Final Chapter | The Unknowable Now

William Ralston is an independent writer & published author..

BERLIN QUARTERLY is a European review of long form journalism, literature and the Arts. It’s a new cultural journal with global perspective. It combines in-depth reportage, literature and visual culture. Don’t miss out on a chance to buy one of the last numbers of BQ – 7th issue and read the full story. Buy here!

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Ro-minimal: “Global phenomenon”

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