Release: Atipic Lab 001 By Arapu



Coming from Priku‘s Atipic minimal techno laboratory, Atipic Lab sets off with Arapu delivering a groovy and sophisticated 2-tracker EP. With all releases being titled only with their catalogue number, the label is widely known to deliver top-notch electronic dance music coming from renowned artists, as well as emerging talents. This release is different as the tracks are titled this time, marking the beginning of a new musical endeavor by the Romanian label, although there’s no official statement about this, yet.



Based in Bucharest, Ionut Arapu has been putting out records since 2011, although he cultivated his passion for music since he was 15. He is now one of the leading DJs and producers in Romania and his music enchants large crowd all over the world. The sound that he brings forward has a distinct playfulness, incorporating driving synths, captivating basslines, intricate percussion and lush textures. His works have been published by labels like Eastenderz, Pressure Traxx, Vinyl Club Records, Te Iubesc Records, Understand, Vant, Movida, Memoria, Midi Records, CrazyJack and, of course, his own vinyl-only imprint Liniar Records, founded in 2015.


Atipic Lab 001 features two exotic cuts, carefully designed in the spirit of the Rominimal sound, showcasing once again Arapu’s versatility as a music producer. ‘Slower’, a track that could be considered rather tame by Arapu’s standards, a producer who isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries of what you expect from him. The track seems more along the lines of a DJ tool, much like the production on Eastenderz, which both of Priku and Arapu have been associated with. The bassline is cunningly smooth and loopy whilst the drums and pads predictably give this one its danceability and easy mixing potential.


However, ‘Blues’ seems like far more of an Arapu production. The track is slightly faster than its A side counterpart and contains a lot more energy and personality. The bassline is driving and perfectly suited to a set during peak time of a party. Quirky synths in the background do a lot for this one, providing an almost dreamlike sensation whilst the drums and snares bring you back to reality. The build-ups create a breathing space through reverberating notes, then to resume to the dynamic rhythm.

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Catch Arapu showcasing his skills at Sunwaves 24 in Romania. Amazing moment!


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